Friday, February 25, 2011


I think NOT?! :) This is how I found Harley in our bed yesterday morning...covered up and all! She's so human it's not even funny!
Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Boy am I one proud Mama!! Thursday of this week, Linda (my boss) suggested that I enter Harley in the "Make My Doggie Famous" contest on Facebook. The contest began last Friday, the 11Th and ended last night. We entered the competition the DAY before the contest was over. At the time, the leaders were already 60+ points ahead of Harley and there was only about 24 hours left in the competition... :. She started strong getting about 30 votes within the first hour of having her picture up...I still didn't think she was gonna be able to pull it through. We were trying to get anybody to vote and at this point I was just telling some of my close friends and so were the other ladies in my office. By the end of the day harley had rested at about 40 votes and Stella (the goldendoodle) had bumped up A LOT!

The next morning Harley still trailed by about 40ish votes and I just knew that there wasn't a way for her to come back Stella and Dodger who were steadily climbing to 100 votes!!! By the end of the work day Har was up to about 95 votes and Stella and Dodger were tied at 119 votes. It seemed like every time she would catch up they would magically jump 30-40 votes ahead! There was about 4 hours left in the competition and I was already preparing for a loss :(!

When I got home, I was sitting there thinking "WE CAN DO THIS" I asked Harley "do you reallly want to win?" and of course she just looked at me like "UH YEA!"....I decided to get settled in at the bar and start stalking some people on my facebook chat. I prepared a little speech that I copy and pasted to some went a little something like this:

HEYY (insert name) my dog Harley is in a competition
and she has the CUTEST PICTURE of all
it would be great if you could vote for her...blah blah
I had a few friends that were doing the same on their face book chats and I also stalked my sister's chat too (thanks Han)!! Before I knew it, Harley had 102 VOTES! I was STOKED!! I was jumping up and down, showing the votes to Har and couldn't stop giggling!!! ...keep in mind, it's just me there at the house..hope the neighbors weren't watching :) Anyway, so Brandon gets home and I'm glued to the computer, she's getting more and more votes by the minute! My heart is racing fast and my chest is all splotchy because I am a nervous wreck. Here I am thinking my baby is gonna be a 3rd place beauty and she IS NOW TIED WITH THE LEADER! 125-125! I WAS ECSTATIC!!!!! There were people from different STATES voting for Harley!! Friends were telling friends; the word was finally getting around!!
We had planned a game night with Louis so he came over and we were playing Phase 10 (I could barley concentrate). Next thing I know Harley was A H E A D by like 10 VOTES! I thought I was going to pee my pants!!!! It only got better from there. I would refresh the page every couple of seconds and her votes just kept going and going! Before long Harley had a lead of 180-133! There was about an hour left of the competition and the votes were still coming!! Harley ended up TAKING it home and becoming the winner with 199 VOTES!!!!!! I was so excited and she was too (asleep, naturally). By this time Brandon was tired of hearing my phone go off constantly and most def tired of my squealing and jumping up and down!!! OH and i lost phase 10 too lol.
Harley would like to thank the Academy for nominating her...NO really thank you to everyone who helped out!!!! There were so many of you that really took this as serious as I did and I really appreciate it!!! We love you all!!
Jett and Monkey Dog Shoppe was the host of the competition, they have a dog shop in IOWA! Who knew a Bama chick would come in to win!! They have a really cool store and I suggest visiting their website and check it all out!

This is the winning photograph of Harley!!
-photographed by Belinda Steele, my talented mother

waiting to see who the winner will be...sorry about the quality it's from my cell

...she really was excited! I promise!


And lastly, this is what the prize is!
She gets to have her beautiful picture on Real Dogs dog treat bags!
We couldn't be more happy that we have a winner in the family! Thanks again to everyone for your help!!!
B, Amy and Harley!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Lover's Day!!
me and my boo this weekend!
My sweet flowers that I got today!!

Thanks Babe for all that you do! I love you, Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Okay, so I know I have been absent in the blog world for quite some time now...but I promise to be better!! January was just kind of busy but nothing really worth blogging about... :/. Like I said, I promise to be better!!

Besides the NASTY weather, today has been an okay day! Especially since we had a guest at work :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday! and War Eagle!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

We are the champions!!

Okay, first off can I get a WAR EAGLE?! Wow, I still can't believe that we are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! I'll get back to this story later!
Last Friday, my parents came down (while B was off hunting for the weekend) and we went to shogun for my birthday (Sunday)! We had a good time and ate some GREAT food! yumo! Saturday mama came back up and we had a girls day and did some shopping!! It was so fun she even bought me a few extra b-day clothes to go along with my gift :) such a sweet mother!
That evening after B got home from hunting we went to Fugi for sushi! I know what you are thinking...dang, Japanese twice in a row?! BUT I didn't have sushi the first night and I LOVE FUJI! (in fact, we are going there tonight for a friends bday dinner :) hehe) Anyway, Saturday I also got the news that I didn't have to work Monday because of the winter weather we were going to experience HOORAY!
Sunday, my birthday, B and I did absolutely nothing! it was so nice to just sit around and enjoy the Sunday!! We rented a movie and had some wine and just relaxed!!
Monday was THE BIG DAY -GAME DAY-! whoo I was nervous pretty much all day. We had plans to go to Brandon's co-workers house to watch the big game! We took Harley because they have a weim too! Her name is Lola and they have another sweet pup named Hanna! Needless to say we settled in and started watching the big game that finally turned into a WIN for AUBURN!! we were so excited!! right before the final kick, we gathered all of the TP and got our shoes on realllly quick and after we won we sped (not too fast mom) to TOOMERS!!! Toomers was already c r a z y! I am so glad that I got to experience the standing tradition of rolling the tree, especially because we are the NATIONAL CHAMPS!
Oh, work was also closed Tuesday so I got to sleep in on Tues !!
Anyway, so this has been a recap of our weekend/week!

Before our sushi dinner date (and his hair is wet, not oily lol)

some of the ice that we got!!!
"oh no, they are gonna score!!"

"I can't watch!"
NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
With Ben and Baylee!

One final shot! WDE!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well, well, well....I guess we have all had family members, particularly parents that drag out old photos that embarrass the heck out of you? Mothers that drag out those old "lets model on the kitchen table with a sheet back drop" pictures or "I think you can rock a bandanna and knee socks in a Russell Athletic model attempt" OR the always infamous "sibling bath-time pic". And of course your husband thinks it's the most absolutely funniest thing on earth.....

WELL thank goodness for family members that you marry into!!! BOY do I have a treat for you!!! Lets take a trip down memory lane shall we? The first and last pics are just for comparision reasons...I really hope you enjoy and get a giggle like I did!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years!

Hello 2011!!!
I Hope everyone had a fun ringing in the new year!!! We surely did! We loaded up early Friday morning and headed to Tennessee!! There were 10 of us total in 2 vehicles...we finally made it to our cabin (after a scary climb) about 2:00 Friday. We got settled in and the girls got ready so we could go to dinner later. There was still snow on the ground from the previous week so we were worried about the roads being slick coming back up so late at night. We went to dinner and came back and rang in 2011!!! We all got in the hot tub (that was a sight), then the boys played pool while us girls played American Idol karaoke!!! We had so much fun!! The next day we were really lazy because it was raining outside so we just laid around and watched football (and caught a little cat nap:))!!
Saturday evening we decided to drive to Gatlinburg for dinner and to walk around. When we finished dinner, it was raining again so we decided just to get some sweets and get back to the cabin! We had another hot tub night and just laid low! It was a really relaxing trip and a great way to ring in 2011!!
Before dinner the first night

With the newly wed!
We were waiting on Leah to get ready lol!

Tab showing off the fireplace!
Leah and Brent on the way to dinner!
The outside of our cabin! We loved it there!!

waiting on Leah again haha!
she made it !

playing with the massive ball!
Standing in the rain with my hubby!! :)